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Twitter Trends - Australia

Following are the list of today's top twitter trending topics in Australia, Trends last updated 1 hour ago ago.
WOEID of Australia is 23424748
Rank Trending /Hashtag Tweet Volume
1 #FireTheLiar 18444
2 #IDAHOBIT 16110
3 #abc730 26873
4 #GutlessAlbo Under 10K
5 Resolve 26447
6 #StopTheTreaty 38758
7 Fran Kelly Under 10K
8 naden Under 10K
9 John Howard Under 10K
10 LGBTQIA 11507
11 Leigh 17700
12 Bronte Under 10K
13 Penny Wong Under 10K
14 Public Service 27440
15 Shane Bazzi Under 10K
16 tracy grimshaw Under 10K
17 nitv Under 10K
18 Daily Quordle 112 Under 10K
19 Parker 18844
20 Oh Roy Under 10K
21 Naomi 50623
22 Jordan Peterson 20634
23 Intersexism and Transphobia Under 10K
24 LGBTIQA Under 10K
25 Roy Morgan Under 10K
26 Arsenal 492090
27 Brandon Ellis Under 10K
28 waleed Under 10K
29 Lisa Millar Under 10K
30 Pat Bev 107205
31 zane lowe 80379
32 Sloan Under 10K
33 Buffalo 760854
34 SNSD 163849
35 Grant Williams Under 10K
36 Biphobia and Transphobia 11285
37 Shiel Under 10K
38 Scott Burchill Under 10K
39 tasmanians Under 10K
40 Birmo Under 10K
41 Homophobia 24339
42 alpha male Under 10K
43 HECS Under 10K
44 Camille 84870
45 Somalia 94620
46 Barrett Under 10K
47 Dai Le Under 10K
48 Heppell Under 10K
49 Benedict 28428
50 Dave 52154

Australia Twitter Trends Now | Top Twitter Trending Topics & Hashtags Today

This page shows you the recent Twitter trending hashtags and topics in Australia. This page automatically pull recent most talked trending hashtags & topics in Australia every 1 hour from Twitter using official Twitter APIs, so that you can see most recent today's trending hashtags or topics which are trending right now on Twitter. People also using today's trending hashtags on instagram, YouTube, Facebook etc social media platform to show their reaction. You can also bookmark this page to get updates about what's trending on Twitter in Australia.

How does twitter decide what is trending?

Twitter trends algorithm identifies spikes in the popularity of a certain topic or hashtag, relative to its normal level. This takes in factors of both volume (the amount of tweets on the topic) and time (the amount of time it takes to generate that volume of tweets). Time is a very important factor, because a topic that slowly builds over the course of a month may be getting an astounding amount of tweets after 30 days, but because of the slow growth, no spike ever existed to get it trending.