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Twitter Trends - Korea

Following are the list of today's top twitter trending topics in Korea, Trends last updated 10 minutes ago ago.
WOEID of Korea is 23424868
Rank Trending /Hashtag Tweet Volume
1 #탐라분들_2003년에_뭐하셨나요 Under 10K
2 꼬들 136 Under 10K
3 어린왕자 Under 10K
4 사랑빛친구 16457
5 스파크맨 Under 10K
6 정은경 청장 21379
7 소녀시대 106255
8 소우주 딥디 Under 10K
9 최애 음식 Under 10K
10 최애 라면 Under 10K
11 #나의_파판14_직업 Under 10K
12 신생 주직 Under 10K
13 휠체어석 13669
14 #탐라에서_비슷한_트친_찾기 Under 10K
15 홍련 주직 Under 10K
16 생텍쥐페리 Under 10K
17 #TMI_3개적고_트친한테_넘기기 Under 10K
18 창천 주직 Under 10K
19 효월 주직 Under 10K
20 한강산책 16182
21 #YetToCome 118040
22 마크 해찬 Under 10K
23 수비방해 Under 10K
24 트친 찾기 Under 10K
25 vip석 Under 10K
26 혼불 완결 Under 10K
27 재학생존 Under 10K
28 이뇨속들 15893
29 성년의날 Under 10K
30 세븐틴 콘서트 Under 10K
31 유치원 교사 Under 10K
32 창조병살 Under 10K
33 유타 마크 Under 10K
34 유사 문자 Under 10K
35 비질란테 Under 10K
36 개인 인스타 Under 10K
37 사운드체크 Under 10K
38 폴가이즈 Under 10K
39 개쓰레기요일 Under 10K
40 숲의 노래 Under 10K
41 쟈니 태용 Under 10K
42 웃는남자 Under 10K
43 여성유저 14585
44 고척 4층 Under 10K
45 토모토모 14229
46 법무부 장관 Under 10K
47 현관문 옆방 Under 10K
48 나의 환생 Under 10K
49 압수수색 Under 10K
50 한동훈 임명 Under 10K

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How does twitter decide what is trending?

Twitter trends algorithm identifies spikes in the popularity of a certain topic or hashtag, relative to its normal level. This takes in factors of both volume (the amount of tweets on the topic) and time (the amount of time it takes to generate that volume of tweets). Time is a very important factor, because a topic that slowly builds over the course of a month may be getting an astounding amount of tweets after 30 days, but because of the slow growth, no spike ever existed to get it trending.