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Twitter Trends - Netherlands

Following are the list of today's top twitter trending topics in Netherlands, Trends last updated 18 minutes ago ago.
WOEID of Netherlands is 23424909
Rank Trending /Hashtag Tweet Volume
1 #warmtepomp Under 10K
2 #vandaaginside Under 10K
3 Vanaf 2026 Under 10K
4 Kuipers Under 10K
5 Raisa Under 10K
6 #kopenzonderkijken Under 10K
7 Ranst Under 10K
8 #IDAHOT Under 10K
9 Brenet Under 10K
10 Erdogan 122973
11 #HetIsKlaar Under 10K
12 hybride Under 10K
13 CV-ketel Under 10K
14 Verplicht Under 10K
15 Hugo 45763
16 Talitha Under 10K
17 NAVO Under 10K
18 Arsenal 506382
19 Homofobie Under 10K
20 Finland 123673
21 Jonah Kriesels Under 10K
22 Goedemorgen Under 10K
23 Jans Under 10K
24 bifobie Under 10K
25 Internationale Dag Under 10K
26 Camille 88316
27 Sahara 24760
28 Zorginstituut Under 10K
29 Claudia 32701
30 NATO 403330
31 Overmars Under 10K
32 Ab Osterhaus Under 10K
33 Turkey 90512
34 Nederlanders Under 10K
35 Maurice de Hond Under 10K
36 Excuses 38600
37 Transfobie Under 10K
38 Jake Daniels 49515
39 Buffalo 728977
40 LGBTQ 92078
41 Jetten Under 10K
42 Arteta 89519
43 De WHO 22998
44 European Peace Facility Under 10K
45 SNSD 177969
46 Majesteit Under 10K
47 Syriƫ Under 10K
48 Heleen Under 10K
49 Wormuth Under 10K
50 rijkswaterstaat Under 10K

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How does twitter decide what is trending?

Twitter trends algorithm identifies spikes in the popularity of a certain topic or hashtag, relative to its normal level. This takes in factors of both volume (the amount of tweets on the topic) and time (the amount of time it takes to generate that volume of tweets). Time is a very important factor, because a topic that slowly builds over the course of a month may be getting an astounding amount of tweets after 30 days, but because of the slow growth, no spike ever existed to get it trending.